Veterinary Compounding

Medicating Your Pet: A Daily Struggle

Of all the time we spend with our beloved pets, our team at Wise Pharmacy knows that medication time is among our least favorite. We can be reasonably sure that your pet shares this opinion. 

The commercial pet medication market is unable to make dosage forms and strengths to properly treat every size and species, making compounding absolutely critical for pet-specific care. We strive to work closely with your veterinarian to find customized compounded solutions that support both you and your fluffy family member.

a woman touches her hand to a cat's paw

Wise Pharmacy Veterinary Compounding Information

We know animal patients should not be treated the same as humans. Each species has its own pharmacology and toxicity profile that should be considered for each compounded formulation. Rest assured we use animal specific resources – like Plumb’s, Saunder’s, and Mercks – when creating our professional pet compounds with veterinarians. We also take full advantage of PCCA’s veterinary-specialist drug consulting services to ensure a trained eye is on every new formula. You will never need to worry about xylitol in our dog formulations!

Our most commonly requested pet compounds can help with:

  • Acral lick granuloma
  • Anorexia
  • Antibiotics
  • Atopic
  • Dermatitis
  • Anti-anxiety and sedation
  • Behavioral support
  • Chemotherapy adjuncts
  • Flea bites
  • Gastrointestinal infections and diarrhea
  • Heart failure and other heart conditions
  • Hyper / hypothyroidism
  • Kidney disease and phosphate binders
  • Nausea
  • Otic infections
  • Pain management
  • You want to change to a non-oral administration route
  • You want to change a tablet/capsule to an oral liquid
  • You want to combine medications into one drug product
  • You want to add pet-friendly flavoring to enhance palatability
  • You want to omit allergens or other excipients
  • You want a non-commercially available dose

Wise Pharmacy can reduce the need to hide your dog’s medicine in fatty treats. We can provide your dog’s medication in the form of a tasty, custom-flavored liquid. These treats mask the taste and smell of your pet’s medication.

Medicating your cat with common oral tablets can be a physical struggle that may traumatize your cat and risk bites and scratches for you. We offer topical feline formulations that can be pleasantly rubbed into the hairless membranes of the ear. We can also prepare meat or fish- flavored pastes that can be placed on the foreleg. The cat’s natural grooming impulse does the rest.

Veterinary Compounding from Wise Pharmacy: A Better Way to Medicate Your Pet

Wise Pharmacy is eager to provide the ideal solution for the pet medication dilemmas you face every day. Ask your veterinarian if compounding medication is right for your pet, or give us a call. We can help make your pet healthier and your life a little easier!