Compounding Services

What is pharmacy compounding?

Wise Pharmacy is your local compounding pharmacy located in Littleton, CO. We specialize in medication compounding services and provide the highest level of customer service and care. As the pharmaceutical industry has become larger and more powerful, meeting the needs of individual patients has all but disappeared – and that’s where knowledgeable, skilled compounding pharmacists can make a huge difference. Medication compounding allows a pharmacist to tailor your medication to your specific needs.

What can compounding accomplish?

  • Precision doses for patients (including strengths that are not commercially available)
  • Changing the route of administration (oral, injection, suppository or transdermal can often be used based on preference and needs)
  • Elimination of allergens, preservatives and dies
  • Duplicating discontinued drugs (when a drug is discontinued due to low profit-margins for the drug companies)
  • Change flavors of an oral drug (especially useful for children)

Compounding Services We Offer Include:

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Bio-Identical Hormones Compounding

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Dentistry Compounding

Wise Pharmacy offers custom compounding for your oral and dental prescription needs.

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Dermatology Compounding

Wise Pharmacy we offer alternative, custom dermatology prescriptions not available commercially to help many skin conditions.

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Pediatric Compounding

Parents know that children can present several challenges when it comes to taking their medications. Wise Pharmacy can help your child’s medicine go down with less resistance.

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Urology Compounding

Wise Pharmacy provides expert custom compounding for all of your urology prescription needs.

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Veterinary Compounding

Wise Pharmacy is eager to provide the ideal solution for the pet medication dilemmas you face every day. We can help make your pet healthier and your life a little easier!